Pioneer DVL-909 Laserdisc Player with Remote

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 !!!6 Month Warranty!!!

A solid mid end player, this machine is full featured with the all important features.
AUTO FLIP which is a life saver when watching a CAV movie.
AC3 for that booming Dolby Digital surround sound. 
Decent picture quality, huge upgrade from a starter player and only a fraction off being a high end player.
I highly advise to avoid the DVD side of things, these players aren't made to last forever and leaving a DVD running on its menu screen can put some serious wear and tear on the spindle.

We give all our players a full service & tuning. 
Cleaning the laser and sensor,
Fresh greasing of the rails and moving parts with lithium grease
Fresh tray band imported from the U.S at

A player you can be perfectly happy with as long as you don't see a high end player running. As I was for many years. 

Includes Japanese Power Transformer, Official Remote Control, 6 Month Warranty, Fresh New AV & Power Cords & Independence Day to show off that booming AC3 sound.